To give you a taste of the effectiveness of Fun Times, our educational tool for teaching multiplication facts, I want to talk today about some powerful phenomena that have been observed with students who have used it. I experienced myself some of these results, others have been reported by parents who have experienced them with their children.



I hate maths - wrong way for teaching multiplication factsFor a long period of time, before I invented the game, what I continuously ran into when it was time to practice the multiplication tables, was either a solid refusal on the part of students or endless discussions that ended with an apathetic “It doesn’t matter, I suck at math anyway.” Many parents have much to tell us about this. How many tricks were deployed? How many arguments at no end  were forced in to try to convince the child to practice? All this to only find that it was useless. Although these experiences were painful for the kid and for the parent, the one who copped the most was the child. He or she came out with a sense of failure and at the end had less confidence in their ability to learn. As for the fun of playing with numbers; well, we won’t go there.



I like maths - right way for teaching multiplication factsThese same kids I just mentioned, after I had invented the game, were asking me “could we play your game today?”.  Yet, we played only using scrap paper, nothing sophisticated. Seeing that their children’s grades in math improved, parents strongly suggested me to put the game on the market. It was done in 2001.

Among all the testimonials I have received and I continue to receive for my game, I have chosen to share with you these two examples. They show the radical changes that may occur.


Successes in Teaching Multiplication Facts


From hating math to wanting to succeed

There was a 6th grade student, a tall and beautiful pre-teen girl. Maths… she hated it and showed no interest in learning anything. The school specialist had been helping her for 3 years without any noticeable change. One day, in desperation, I introduced her to my math game. We started with the multiplication table of 4, it was too difficult for her. I cut back to the table of 2. When she managed to do all the steps in the required time, she looked at me. There were stars in her eyes. She exclaimed: “I did it, I was able to do it.” She stood up, ran to the kitchen, threw herself at her mom’s neck, yelling: “I got it, I did it.” Of course her mom was totally puzzled and I had to explain what was going on with her daughter. From that moment, the girl attitude changed completely. Three weeks later, the specialist told the parents that she did not need her help any more; she was interested and her grades were improving dramatically.

She memorized all the tables in less than 2 weeks. She switched to another gang as she said: “I’m not with the losers anymore, I have other friends now, I want to succeed.”


From not being able, to mastering all tables; in 2 weeks

A mom wrote us about the success her daughter had while playing the “Fun Times” game. She mentioned that before, her daughter had never been able to memorize the multiplication tables. She was not interested and always resisted to practice them. The first night after the mom bought the game, they played with it and had fun. The morning after at 6 O’clock, her daughter was already set at the kitchen table and was playing with the game. She wanted to beat her own best score. She also managed to master all the tables in two weeks.


To say the least, this learning tool is effective for teaching multiplication facts and I am very glad that it is helping so many people. I know Fun Times will exponentially help so many more students all around the world, when it will be developed as an application for iPad and tablets. Please subscribe to our list to be alerted as soon as the App is available.


by Therese Sansfacon
Author of the learning tool Fun Times!


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