Parents testimonials after having used the unique multiplication game Fun Times!


“My daughter was in sixth grade last year and did not really know her multiplication tables. I thought it was a beautiful game and it seemed interesting. I decided to give it to her as a gift as it might help to interest her. She has played in the first two weeks. Now she knows all her multiplication tables very well! She no longer uses the game, but her younger sister will use it when she is age to learn her multiplication tables.” 


“My son did not know his multiplication tables. After starting to play the game, every day he was trying to break his own speed record. He learned his multiplication within 2 weeks!” 


“I had never seen a game like this before and it seemed very interesting. I thought my daughter would love this game. The whole family played and we had so much fun to challenge each other.” 


“My child had many problems learning her multiplication tables. My daughter is very visual, so the game has made the learning much easier.”


“I wanted to help my daughter who was in third grade because she had a lot of difficulties to learn her multiplication tables. She really loved practicing her multiplication tables while having fun with the game, For her it was a game, not a job she had to do.”


“The biggest advantage that anyone can get is to have fun with maths! Children get discouraged when it comes time to memorize the multiplication tables – they “don’t want to do it, it’s too much work,” etc. I did not want that to happen to my daughter. We play “Fun Times” during mealtime sometime, and I myself have found that there was a challenge to beat the hourglass . We love this game!”


“I liked the fact that it was a fun way to learn a serious and even boring subject. The game develops the self-confidence of children and their ability to learn, which also will serve them later. It becomes easier for them.”