Here are recommendations, reviews and kudos from professionals in the field of education, acknowledging the effectiveness of the multiplication game “Fun Times!


Certificate of Recommendation
received from Curriculum Services Canada

Certificate from Curriculum Service Canada for Fun Times Game


The game Fun Times is recommended to support the mathematics study program from the third to the sixth grades, specifically for the multiplication tables from 1 to 12.

Curriculum Services Canada, 2005


published in NCTM (National Council of Teaching Mathematics) magazine. October 2003

This solitaire card game helps children practice the multiplication facts Each number from 1 to 12 has a different game board. Children draw cards and check their answers independently. Children may complete this game in numerical order or they may work only on the facts that are difficult for them. The game includes directions in both English and French.

I like the fact that this game is played independently; children may work at their own level to advance on the cards. The timer provides a challenge for students who need one. My concern is for the student who needs the reinforvement but does not have the independent working skills to maintain concentration in this game. I can envision including the game in a center with children working together, however.

I enjoyed this game. I saw evidence that it helped some children memorize multiplication facts. I have never seen anything like this game before.

Kathy Iwanicki, Allgrove School, East Granby, CT, USA


Published in Professionally Speaking, March 2005

At last! Fun Times is a math game that lives up to its name and actually turns the dreaded practising of times tables into fun. Until now, resources available for this tedious but oh-so-necessary exercise were flash cards, photocopied tables and drills, drills and more drills.

The game has 12 boards (one for each times table). Students can answer the questions at their own pace or use an hourglass timer to answer more quickly. Tiny quiz booklets are included for drills after the players has played each board correctly. Fun Times is an excellent activity to motivate students to learn.

The instructions are clear and the game can be played by individuals or in small groups. An instruction sheet for parents means that the game can be sent home with students who have particular difficulty. This is an excellent Canadian-made resource that really will make practicing times tables “fun times.”

Esther Tolooel, Grade 1 and 2 teacher, Ontario, Canada