Here is the very effective Fun Times!, a multiplication board game published in 2002.

Fun Times! multiplications Board GameToday’s school children no longer carry their “time tables” on the back of their workbooks to drill themselves on their way to school (you may well remember the effort, stress, and time involved in drilling your “tables” or “facts”…)

If these basics are rushed over and not known well enough (as they are too many times due to the demands of today’s curriculum) the child then proceeds to have difficulties with multiple-digit multiplication, division, fractions (factors) and algebra. They do not have the require speed to finish the timed math exams, and must rely on a calculator for the rest of their life!

This unique educational board game ensures the children actually practice enough so they get the certainty that they know the multiplication tables for life.This is possible because of the revolutionary step by step design of the game was designed with the purpose to bring up the confidence of the student while having fun, thus achieving the goal of truly and easily mastering the times tables! More over, each child may play it individually, thus not requiring one-on-one attention from a teacher or parent.

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