What does make the game Fun Times different?


Thérèse Sansfaçon, Author of  "Fun Times" - the multiplication game
Thérèse Sansfaçon
Author of “Fun Times”

Games and Teaching

My childhood was a series of games, and this has continued throughout my training, my years of study.

When I started teaching, I spent as much time in the evening to prepare all kinds of materials to inspire and motivate my students to learn. In fact, this is what many teachers do.

A Math Problem

Then, when I oriented my career toward tutoring to help those who had more difficulties in their studies, I ‘ve realized that after the 4th grade, several of my students did not  have much interest for maths. I often heard from them: “Look, I ‘m no good at math,” ” I do not understand anything, I suck at math.” As I am rather one of those individuals who seek solutions, I looked back to find what was missing, to find where the problem started.

What I found is the majority of the students had never really memorized and mastered their multiplication tables. Oh, they understood the basic principles taught by the teacher; like what was the meaning of 3X8 ( 3 packages of 8 pencils for example). That, they understood. But what repelled them was to learn, to memorize the times tables.

Their favorite argument was: “No need to learn them by heart, I have my calculator.” You have been served this one before isn’t? So, I was facing their refusal to practice the multiplication tables. At that point I dug for ideas to find the best way to get them to practice their times tables, without forcing them. This is when I invented the game “Fun Times”.

The Answer Is in the Game

Thereafter, each time I met my students for a lesson, they asked me, “Can we play your game?”

In response to repeated suggestions from parents who had experienced the benefits of  the game, in 2000 I decided to release it on the market.

In 2005 my educational game was awarded the Seal of Quality by CSC (Curriculum Services Canada) as a support tool for learning multiplication tables for students in 3rd to 6th grade.

The Next Play

To make the game available to all, the company Fun Times Educational Games Inc. is now developing an electronic version of the game in iOS app for iPad, iPhone and iPod in French, English and Spanish.

I am overseeing the creation of the application to make sure it is even more effective and, most importantly, more fun than the original game.

It’s really exciting!

Therese Sansfaçon
Author of the educational math game “Fun Times!